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I am passionate about helping conscious women step into greater empowerment and self mastery in their life, and be the magnificence that we were born to be. Working with 1:1 sessions,  group programs and retreats, I help you transform limiting behaviours, old stories and trauma, to discover and deepen into your soul destiny, to experience enhanced wellbeing, joy and fulfilment, where you are living in alignment with your soul destiny as a master creator of your life.

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RAISE YOUR VIBRATION  - 5Rhythms Womens Chakra Series Online Oct 7 - 21  

SANCTUARY is a 5 week series working with the transformative practises of 5Rhythms dance and Witnessing Movement practise to support you to take time out of your busy life and drop into deeper connection with yourself; a sacred space to listen to the inner whispers of your soul and your truth; a sacred space to process life experiences, challenges and emotions, a sacred space to restore, replenish and invite new dreaming. This act of listening and meeting ourselves opens space for healing and transformation. When we gather together with sisterhood and create a sacred container with a shared intention it creates a powerful unified field where incredible transformation and healing can take place.


Saturday mornings July 15, 22, 29, Aug 5, 12
Sydney AEST 8 - 10.15 am
Singapore 6 - 8. 25 am

Fridays Jul 14, 21, 28, Aug 4,11
Pacific 3 - 5.15 pm Eastern 6 - 8.15 pm

The sessions include an Opening circle, 5Rhythms warmup dance followed by Witnessing movement practise in groups of 2 or 3 with drawing and sharing integration and a Closing circle.

Witnessing Movement Practise also known as Authentic Movement is a powerful and transformative movement process where we move while witnessed by another person or a group. One person is the mover and the other person/or persons are the witnesses. The mover begins to move following any impulses, or sensations. The witnesses hold space for the person moving, offering their full empathic attention. This creates a crucible of safety and trust where the mover can experience being held and seen helping them soften and open to vulnerability, allowing their inner truth to emerge. What may have been repressed and hidden can emerge and profound healing can take place in an instant.

We all long to be seen and held just as we are, and often in our lives this can be rare even in intimate partnerships. Working with this powerful movement practise for over 20 years I have witnessed the power of the healing that can happen when we are held and seen and allow our inner truth to emerge.



I can’t recommend Michelle’s Womens Group enough! Throughout the series, I felt really seen and heard by the collective of dancers. I revealed myself to myself as I was revealing myself to them. Never before have I experienced such a profound relationship to the sanctuary of my own body. I’ve kept the drawings I’ve made during the sessions as a precious treasure and pathway to my subconscious: secret messages keep revealing themselves to me everytime I look at them. Thank you Michelle! Your work is phenomenal! So grateful for the space you hold."

~ Lina Mbirkou


The retreat has already opened new doors, experiences & timelines for me. Everyday I have been sitting in nature to continue the stillness & deep listening of all the workings inside of me. I feel more myself than I have in a long time. I feel fresh like I’m experiencing the world for the first time. Truly my rebirth is weaving in my life. strong.

~ Torie Spears

Together We Rise.

© Michelle Mahrer

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We acknowledge First Australians, the traditional custodians of country throughout Australia. We recognise their continuing culture, their contribution and connection to land, waters and community, and we pay our respect to elders past, present and emerging.

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