1 : 1 Sessions

Deep Soul Movement Therapy Online

In these sessions I work with women who are looking for deeper support, healing and transformation with specific issues in life. I guide you on a movement journey to connect with your soul wisdom, to uncover the deeper truth in relation to issues presenting. I guide you to listen within for answers. Through movement, we work on empowering ways to create new pathways that support healing and change. These sessions are creative and client driven, and include 5Rhythms dance, dance movement therapy processes, drawing and verbal sharing. No movement experience is required. I offer individual discovery sessions and a 6 week intensive program where I help you transform limiting patterns, old stories and trauma, to live more in alignment with your soul destiny as a master creator of your life. 

These sessions are for you if you are ready to create transformation in your life, shift old stories & patterns and discover deeper alignment with your soul destiny. You may be experiencing life challenges such as chronic illness, divorce, career changes or grief.

Duration: 90 minutes

Embodiment Coaching Online

In these sessions I help you deepen connection with your body and your self working with the 5Rhythms movement map. Your current life may be very mental focused and you wish to reconnect with your body and your source energy, to feel empowered, energized and at home in yourself. I offer individual discovery sessions and a 6 Week intensive program where I guide you how to use the 5Rhythms practice to create change in your life, transform challenges into gifts, heal old patterns and step into greater self empowerment and connection with your essence. These sessions also assist those of you who wish to deepen your understanding of the 5Rhythms movement map.

Duration: 1 hour

Embodiment Mentoring Online or In person

Are you wanting clarity with your business or purpose and looking for mentorship? Are you looking for guidance and clarity as to what your particular genius is?  I offer mentoring to help you crystalize your path and next steps. These sessions may include a guided movement journey to help you connect with your soul wisdom as well discussion and practical information.

Relaxation & Well being Session Online or In person

These sessions are for women with chronic illness or anxiety and depression, seniors, elders or people in palliative care who may be chair or bed bound and are wanting to feel more energy and relaxation in their physical body and increase their sense of well being.

Working with a range of tools that may include gentle movement, qui gong, breathing exercises, gentle touch/massage, energy work and visualization to gentle music,  I take clients on a journey to relax their mind & body, calm anxiety, and to connect with their heart to discover an inner source of  peace and well being, no matter what their outer situation. Book a discovery call to see how I can help you. 

Duration: 1 hour



"I reached out to Michelle for a dance therapy session as I was feeling stuck and needed support to create shifts in my life. We began with a warm up and then moved through different rhythms as I allowed my body and emotions to express what was held inside. I felt held and safe to explore what my body had to say and Michelle was able to read my movements and select the perfect music and prompts for me to move through powerful emotions and find my way to a new sense of freedom. Michelle expertly guided me with invitations to explore repetitive movements and symbolic gestures to embody a new state of being. There was also time and space to capture what I was feeling through drawing and sharing what I had experienced. I left the session feeling lighter and clearer and more connected to myself and the benefits continued to be felt in the days that followed. I still use the gestures and movements that came through in the session to reconnect me to a particular state of being. I highly recommend working with Michelle and experiencing this powerful form of embodied therapy that gets to the heart of the issue and allows for real shifts"

~ Alison Petrie

Copy of Michelle Mahrer Testimonials"I've had so many insights from connecting with my dance and my body, the most important was that I needed to stop stifling the creative energy that flows inside of me and to let that voice be shared unmanicured. This unconditioning has become so valuable for me and has let me explore things I never thought I was worthy of. It led me to start drawing for myself, to write poetry and then share some vulnerable moments of grief I was experiencing with the world. There is some incredible power in this practise and I am so ever grateful for the guidance by Michelle Mahrer. Thank you, thank you so much."

~ Eva Kiss

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