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About Michelle

I am an Embodiment Mentor, 5Rhythms Dance Teacher, Dance Movement Therapist, Medicine Woman, Filmmaker & international best selling author, based in Sydney with over 25 year’s experience teaching in Australia and internationally.

My passion is to help conscious women and men on a path of self growth to reconnect with joy, wellbeing and wholeness. I create sacred spaces to awaken your own creative movement that comes from within, relaxing the mind, coming home to the body, to embody your soul and essence. I teach you how to use embodied movement to connect with source energy that is your healing power. This work helps heal trauma, bringing back into wholeness all the fragmented parts of self, opening deeper authenticity, self empowerment and freedom.

My mission is to contribute to the upliftment of humanity through the joy and power of dance, so that together we can become a healing channel for ourselves and all of life, and return to love our true nature.

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"I believe we each hold a spark of the original light of creation within us. I’ve seen it light up people's faces and bodies when they dance.“

- Gabrielle Roth


9“After years of complex post traumatic stress disorder and being completely disassociated from my body, dancing with Michelle and 5Rhythms has connected me back into the physical in a way that couldn’t be done. It’s a form of self love, of unity with oneself that is such a gift that I’ve never experienced anything like it. "     

~ Hannah Kissell

1“Michelle has a gift for creating an energetic field through the dance that leaves me feeling completely at peace. Everyone deserves to feel this.’

~ Emma Viccars

2“5Rhythms Dance with Michelle has taken my life to another level. It’s the deepest healing I’ve ever experienced. Some of my trauma is associated with fear and feeling really unsafe in my own body. Now when things arise for me even if they are really challenging I’m able to hold space for what’s arising and be able to love myself no matter how I’m feeling”

~ Peter Low

Dance is a unifying force...

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Follow our journey.

© Michelle Mahrer

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