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“As a creative arts therapist, it is so nourishing for me to be on the receiving end, and not holding the space for others. Michelle is an extraordinary midwife to the divine. I feel blessed to be able to attend her sessions. “~ Jenni Harris


I just wanted to say thank you SO much for holding and guiding such a beautiful and healing space today (and always). I felt so heavy, stiff and stuck arriving this morning and your guidance and music helped me shift so much stagnation out of my body, which I can feel has been holding me down and back (in many areas of my life). I felt a fluidity and aliveness that I've not felt in a long time"~ Joanna Baker 

“Again thank you Michelle, for the beautiful strength and sound place that you offer your work from. You enrich and allow space for us all to grow and discover.” ~ Genevieve Garth Jones

“A deeply held safe invitation to flow with what was present within my body and allowing that place in me to form an intentional prayer which I was then able to integrate and embody through art, being witnessed, sharing and movement. I found a place within myself that other dances don't provide the space for me to access. The space was filled with healing energy from the moment I walked in the door and it wasn't long before tears of self discovery began to emerge... Thank you.” ~ Stacia Karina Beazley

5Rhythms is more than just a dance.It's also more than just a's my medicine, my time and space to move...not only my body but my emotions, my thoughts, it reveals my guides, spirits and ancestors. It brings me peace, inspirational ideas and encouragement, it releases pain, physical and emotional, helps me grieve and brings me joy. Michelle Mahrer creates a sacred container, somewhere you feel safe and unjudged to let loose and be seen or not be seen. My admiration for her and what she creates through her music and 5Rhythm guidance deepens and evolves more and more each time I “dance". ~ Lynsey Brown

Info and Class guidelines for In Person Classes

The class begins with a warmup for 30 – 40 minutes. This is an opportunity to drop into your body, become present to yourself, and follow your own dance. After the warmup often a theme is introduced and is explored working through the 5rhythms. We might focus on the whole wave or one rhythm or one aspect of it. Sometimes there may be a lot of verbal guidance and other times it will be minimal. The class is guided by the energy and the people in the room so it is always different. With every class your dance journey will be different as each time you step onto the dance floor you are different, and the group is different. Over time it becomes easier to drop in to the flow of your own dance. The more you do this practise you begin to see how the practise relates to life and can help shift, change and heal deep issues. Sometimes we dance alone, other times we dance with others or connect with the whole group.

The Music

The music is a catalyst to inspire your dance, and a wide variety of styles are used. Usually the music is very rhythmic and is carefully chosen to inspire each rhythm and to lead you on a journey. However it is important to follow your own flow and allow it to guide and lead you even if the music is doing something different.

What should I wear and bring?

Wear comfortable clothes that you can dance in. Bare feet or dance shoes are allowed, no street shoes. Bring a bottle of water. Please don’t use perfume or strong essential oils, as some people may be allergic to scents.

Will I have the stamina to dance for 2 hours?

The flow of the class moves through different moods moving from slow to fast to slow again. You are always encouraged to go at your own pace and to follow your own flow and rhythm.

What happens on the dance floor?

The people you will be dancing with all have different levels of experience. There will be people who have been dancing for many years and there are always newcomers. This dance caters for everyone from the beginner to the advanced practitioner. On the dance floor we all inspire each other. Everyone is encouraged to go at his or her own pace.

People come to the dance for many different reasons. You may want to have a good physical workout, or to have fun and connect with others, or you may be healing from illness or want to heal a deep issue in your life. All are welcome.

These classes inspire us to change and move things in our body, spirit and soul that are stuck so it is natural that you may stir strong emotions and feelings. All are welcome. It is okay to cry on the dance floor. This is a space for you to feel and unravel and crying can be a great release and a catalyst for healing.

© Michelle Mahrer

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